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Frequently asked questions


Hospitality Sales & Marketing Resource

We need help now, what can we do?

We are ready and waiting .... Please contact us either via our Contact Form or by telephone to discuss your requirements.

What are typical fees?

Our fees are based on your specific requirements. Our clients typically achieve a great saving because they have a highly experienced person working with them in a flexible capacity, with no fixed costs or overheads.

Are there any contractual commitments?

Firstly, we will arrange a no obligation and no-fee initial meeting to learn about your business, and fully understand what you would like to achieve. From this we will provide you with a tailored proposal covering our suggested options, recommendations, with an estimate of the time scale and cost to achieve your objectives.

What are the advantages of employing a consultant over a full/part time employee?

Consultancy provides a flexible resource that can be aligned to your changing business needs. You only pay for work undertaken without any fixed costs or overheads typically associated with an employee. For example, you wonít have to worry about expenses such as payroll administration, NI or holiday pay. You will also avoid any capital outlay as all our Consultants have their own transport and communication equipment such as mobile, landline and IT equipment with broadband internet access.

How can you help us save on our marketing costs?

Our team has many years of experience in all aspects of print, literature and collateral design within the hospitality industry. Our knowledge can help you to decide what is required to achieve your goals without the need for expensive design house or advertising agency costs.

Our well established relationships with design and print suppliers means that we can leverage the best deals for these services on your behalf.


Event Management & Organisation

Do we pay for your venue finding services?

No, in the majority of cases, we would charge a commission to the venue for bringing new business to them. They pay us, you donít.

How do I book a venue?

After an initial discussion regarding your event requirements, we will research and provisionally book suitable venues on your behalf without obligation to you.

After further discussion and a site visit if required, once a decision has been made, we would instruct the chosen venue to send us the formal Contracts and their Terms and Conditions which we will review on your behalf against normal industry practice. We would highlight any concerns we may have before forwarding these to you for signature.

Until a contract is signed and returned to the venue, all bookings are considered provisional.

Does the commission paid to you by the venue increase what we pay?

No, we are able to negotiate exclusive agent rates using our excellent working relationships with venues.

How soon before a potential event do we need to contact you?

The sooner the better. Once we receive the brief we have the opportunity of securing availability at the venue best matched to your requirements at the best available price.

Can you source venues other than hotels and what else can you help me with?

Yes, everything is possible; we can also source other venues - sporting grounds, theatres, conference centres, as well as more unique venues such as castles, historic homes, chateaux, museums, etc.

In addition to venues, we can also source other services such as after dinner speakers, personal appearances, entertainment and motivational activities. As we say, everything is possible, just ask us.

Do you manage events internationally?

Yes, we have experience in organising events in both the UK and abroad.



We have only covered a few questions here.  Whatever you need to know, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist.






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